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  2. Movie of the Night:

    I’ve been on a big Mel Brooks kick recently. This movie in particular taught me many invaluable history lessons as a young girl that I will never forget. Such as:

    -There are really 15 commandments, but to the folly of man there are only 10 recorded.

    -Latin just replaces its ‘u’s with ‘v’s. Always.

    -Leonardo da Vinci and Jesus lived at the same time.

    -Inquisitions are really just large musical numbers.

    -The French were so poor they couldn’t afford a language, only a silly accent.

    And most importantly:

    "It’s good to be the King"

    Still waiting for Part 2 and Jews in Space.

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  3. Tonight’s Movie

    X:Men First Class:

    The greatest Love Story told in any of the X-Men movies.

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  4. Did you know that Alan Rickman was in a music video? And he tangos?

    Why aren’t you already watching this video.

    Enjoy ;)


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  5. Yea, glad I watched this cause this makes Xmen that much more badass. And intense.


    Thanks to jacksennett for pointing out that the Japanese opening for the X-Men cartoon is THE COOLEST THING YOU WILL EVER SEEN

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  6. Sup Tumblr?

    My glorious return to Tumblr which I expect to be something like this:

    But really is more like this:

    Cause I think I’m that old kid coming back to Tumblr and is all cool.

    But really things have changed, and I was never really that good/dedicated at this tumblr thing anyway.

    But maybe this time around, I’ll stick with it. New goal is just do blog/share/post whatever is happening in my life. Or crap I care about, or just shit I find funny. Or cute. Or awesome. Or random. Or all these things. Like this:


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  7. This video is hilarious. I’m particularly fond of 45 sec in at the drunk girl roll call.

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